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Jerry Voors

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Peter Wright

CFO of 20+ Years

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Richard Eggleston

CIO of 15+ Years

Our History

Inside View of Loading Docks
  • 1943: Arrow Products, Inc. was established with first sale of product to Sears, Roebuck and Company
  • 1956: Expand product line into Sears Catalog
  • 1962: Move into new 25,000 sq ft facility in Lake Geneva, WI
  • 1976: Arrow Sewing Cabinets warehoused on behalf of Sears
  • 1985: Arrow begins offering direct to consumer order fulfillment of sewing cabinets to Sears
  • 1989: Arrow begins warehousing and fulfillment of Sears Healthcare Catalog Merchandise
  • 1991: "Christmas Wishbook" Healthcare Catalog Merchandise
  • 1991: Expansion into 40,000 sq ft warehouse
  • 1992: Arrow ships 500,000 packages annually for first time
  • 1995: Move into modern 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Elkhorn, WI
  • 1997: First internet orders shipped for Kitchenaid
  • 1998: Invited to participate in Uniform Code Council (now GS1) committee on EDI
  • 1999: Arrow ships 1,000,000 packages annually for first time
  • 2001: Arrow recognized for handling order fulfilment in more unique departments at Sears than any other company.
Warehouse Item Location
Warehouse Isle
  • 2006: "Run thru the Warehouse" program recognized for managing largest promotional product event in state of Wisconsin
  • 2007: Launch of first national marketing campaign
  • 2012: Introduced innovative cross docking solution for internet shipments bound for Canada
  • 2014: Move into 187,000 sq. ft. facility in Delavan, WI
  • 2015: "Ship Llama" program begins handling Canada bound shipments from ANY internet site in US